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YDC Glossary

Across The Floor: Dancers line up in 2-4 lines at the back of the room. Your dance teacher will instruct you on an exercise or movement that will progress you from one side of the room to the other. 

Breakdown Video: A complementary video taken in the last 3-5 minutes of your rehearsal. In this video, your dance teacher will record the choreography learned that week without music, focusing on counts and steps. Remember dancers - breakdown videos are not meant to replace in-studio learning.

BYO Costume (Build Your Own Costume): A costume that you will be solely responsible for creating and purchasing. Expectations and information for this costume will be found in your Look Book. 

Cleaning Week: During week 09 and 10 of a YDC session, all YDC drop-in classes will be paused so that YDC session dancers will have an extended rehearsal hour for cleaning show choreography. Cleaning choreography is not the same as learning choreography. All dancers are expected to know their dancers before week 09. 

Community: Our community is an inclusive and supportive one, and we treasure it deeply. When we say community, we mean you and all of the dancers who have danced with us past and present. 

Dress Rehearsal: A mandatory class for YDC session dancers. Typically this takes place at the show venue about 1-2 hours before our live show. Dancers are expected to dance in costume with 60% completed hair and make up. 

Drills: A set of foundational moves and skills that your teacher will lead you through in class. As you progress through the levels, we build on these drills and skills to incorporate more intricate technique. 

Drop-In Class: A mandatory class for all YDC session dancers. During this hour you will train level specific drills in centre and across the floor and learn a fun dance routine. 

Google Drive: Where you will find your class breakdown videos and music. We encourage dancers to check this folder often. 

Heels: Important equipment for class. Since we are a heels dance performance and training company, it is vital that we train in our heels. This is both for safety and building skills! Beginners may want to start with a lower heel and move to a higher, thinner heel as you progress in your training. 

Look Book: Your official YDC document provided by our Costume Department. In the look book you will find information and visuals on your show costumes. This includes, hair, makeup, dance tights, and BYO costumes. 

Rehearsal Hour: A mandatory class for YDC session dancers. During this hour, dancers will learn and practise YDC show dances. 

Screening Party: An all cast community event! During this event, all YDC session dancers who recently performed in the last show are invited to a screening party of the performance. 

Show Day: A magical day, for some dancers it rivals Christmas Eve herself. It’s the day you finally take the stage. 

Technique Class: Not a mandatory class for YDC session dancers. This class may be offered in or out of heels and will be specified in the class description. Dancers will work on fundamental Jazz and Ballet technique as well as Heels specific technique which will reinforce their dance experience in a heel. 

Unlimited Drop-In Pass: This package includes all YDC session drop-in classes. Dancers will receive a code via email. You can use this code to take any YDC session drop-in that season. 

Welcome Package: An official YDC document provided by YDC Headquarters. This package will be sent to you via email. It will include the following: 

  • Meet Your Teacher 
  • Your Schedule 
  • Weekly Breakdown 
  • Cast Facebook Group
  • Google Drive Link 
  • Ticket Information 
  • Screening Party Details 
  • YDC Policies 
  • YDC Glossary 

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