Looking for an opportunity to be a part of weekly dance training and perform on stage in Toronto in a larger than life show? You've come to the right place.


    Get in studio with the YDC Team to train and learn choreography.

    Over 4-10 Weeks You Will:

    • Learn new skills
    • Refine your dance technique
    • Work towards your dance goals
    • Learn show choreography
    • Build confidence
    • Make new friends
    • Prepare for show day

    The day your hard work has all been for! Take to the stage and SHINE in a larger than life performance at Toronto’s Axis Club (formerly The Mod Club).

    Featuring an elevated stage, professional sound and lighting, a talented photography/videography team, curated costumes, guest performers, and a lively audience - this is a performance your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.

  • 3. PARTY

    Celebrate your hard work with a cast-exclusive show screening party. Get together with your fellow dancers and the YDC Team to experience the magic of show day once again and watch your professionally shot and edited show video.

    Following the viewing party, dancers will receive a digital copy of their show video to remember their time on stage.

Want to see MORE?

Check out YDC's Youtube channel for show day highlights, choreo videos and MORE!


Are payment plans available?

Yes! Payment plans are available at checkout.

I've never danced before, can I still register?

Absolutely! Our programming has level options suitable for all levels of dance experience. For students new to dance, please register for Beginner Level. Don't worry, we can take you from "Bambie to Baddie" and teach you everything you need to know for show day!

What styles of dance are offered?

YDC offers 10-Week Heels and 10-Week Jazz Funk Programming! Both programs will perform together in the same live show at the end of the session.

Can I register for both Heels and Jazz Funk?


What type of shoes do I need?

For Heels Programming, black heels are required. For Jazz Funk Programming, white sneakers are required. Need help sourcing shoes or looking for recommendations? Feel free to email us!

When do show tickets go on sale?

Show tickets will go on sale after Week 5 of Programming - Registered dancers, please refer to Your Welcome Package for further details.

Are there additional fees for costumes?

There are no additional fees - all costume pricing are built into your registration! Your show costumes will be a combination of YDC provided pieces and BYO (Build Your Own) costumes. YDC prides itself on ensuring all our dancers look and feel their best on show day, and so, all dancers will receive a 'Show Look Book' each session outlining everything you will need.

What is your attendance policy?

YDC's Attendance Policy

We wish our 10-weeks could last forever. We need to cherish the time we have together. This is one of the reasons why our attendance policy is in place.

Dance is a team sport. It is so important that our dancers attend all rehearsal and training hours in their 10-week session. This ensures that all dancers are on the same page, and we can move through choreo and training at a healthy pace.

If a dancer misses 2 classes, they will receive a check-in email. If a dancer misses 3 or more classes, YDC may remove them from a pieces or pieces in the show.

Our attendance policy is in place to help all dancers maintain regularity in their training. This is for safety as well as efficiency. Things are better when we’re together.

Of course, we understand that life happens. If you need to miss class, please email your session teacher:

 We love our time together. We want as much of it as possible.

Have additional questions? Ask away!