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Hi, Meet Sorina.

February 07 2021 – Rosa Campagna

Hi, Meet Sorina.

Hi, Meet Sorina.

Meet Sorina Matheson!

Sorina, adopted from Buzau, Romania in 1990 has always had a love affair with dance. Taking her first ballet class at age 2 at the Columbus Centre in Toronto, probably not knowing then how much dance would influence her life—but undeniably already developing a love for the stage (and the spotlight lol). Fast-forward a few years and dance took a brief backseat to puberty—oh hormones, aren’t you fun. While Sorina continued to teach dance since the age of 15, dancing for herself was on pause.

In 2010, while studying at UofT, Sorina was introduced to the University of Toronto Pom Team, and just like that, dance became part of her life again. Being the first Pom Team in Canada at the time, the crew swept at many competitions lol! 

A few years down the road, one of Sorina’s Pom teammates exposed her to a new type of dance and a movement empowered by strong feminine energy…. Enter: Heels Dance. Boom. Life. Changed. Sorina joined Army of Sass Performance and Training Company in 2014 and her life was forever changed. She had the opportunity to work with incredible Toronto choreographers like, Meghan Norah, Courtney Odelein, Sarah Gokul, Carla Catherwood, Kiana Smith, Leon Blackwood, Chris Clark, Kaela Falloon, Lauren Lynn, George Absi, and many more. 

Shortly after joining Army of Sass as a student, Sorina knew she needed this movement and energy to be a permanent fixture in her life. She began assisting and soon she had her own classes to teach. Sorina’s choreography was featured in over 10 Army of Sass Toronto shows. She had the opportunity to teach for multiple locations across Ontario. The most important element of Sorina’s teaching style is motivating her students to step into their own power and building confidence. 

Upon the closure of Army of Sass, Sorina knew she wanted to continue to provide her dance community with a safe space to express themselves and grow their dance skills. Sarah Johnsenn and Rosa Campagna had been dancing alongside Sorina for years and they naturally gravitated to one another to create Your Dance Class. Sorina is truly honored to be working alongside such incredible, passionate humans and inspirational dancers— and humbled to call them her partners!

We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to empower our incredible dance community and provide a safe space for everyone and anyone to embrace their power and build confidence through dance!

To learn more or connect with Sarah, please follow her journey on Instagram @sorinabelle

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