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Hi, Meet Sarah.

January 23 2021 – Rosa Campagna

Hi, Meet Sarah.

Hi, Meet Sarah.

Meet Sarah Johnsen!

For the past 20 years, Sarah has been eating, sleeping and breathing dance, and somehow still isn’t sick of it. Beginning her training in her hometown of Fort Erie, Ontario at Peacock School of Dance, Sarah later went on to attend York University’s BFA Dance Program. Sarah has always had an affinity for ballet and during her time studying and training at York, she auditioned for The National Ballet School of Canada’s Teacher Training Program. She was fortunate enough to be accepted into this prestigious and competitive program, however chose to defer her offer of acceptance to focus on her university education and began to foster her new love… heels dance.

Sarah has always loved performing and has years of performance experience under her belt from intimate performances to those on internationally televised stages. She is known to jump at any chance she has to get on stage and plans to perform for many years to come. However, during her schooling, she learned that her passion for dance truly laid within teaching. With this realization, she specialized her degree to focus pedagogy and went on to graduate from York University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours in Dance Specialized in Dance Education.

Having experienced injuries of her own, Sarah has learned the value of listening to your own body. She encourages body autonomy in all students she teaches, always reminding them that “you know your body better than I ever will - so listen to what it wants and needs in the moment”.

Since graduating from university, Sarah has continued to develop her teaching practices and is currently working on her dance teacher certification through the International Dance Teacher Standards.

When not dancing, Sarah enjoys graphic design as well as costume design and creation.

To learn more or connect with Sarah, please follow her journey on Instagram @s.johnsenn

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