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Hi! Meet Rosa

February 07 2021 – Rosa Campagna

Hi! Meet Rosa

Hi! Meet Rosa

Meet Rosa Campagna!

Dance has always been a part of Rosa's life. Like many of you, she began her training at a local dance studio, Soul in Motion.

Her dance foundation began in the study of Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acrobatics, Contemporary and Hip Hop styles.

Rosa studied at York University. She graduated YU with a BA in History and a Minor in Fine Arts - Dance. Her dance studies specialized in Ballet and Modern dance. Rosa also learned dance ethnography, theatre production, and dance writing.

Continuing her dance journey, Rosa began to take dance classes at local Toronto studios. This was where she was introduced to Army of Sass and Heels dancing. Since 2017, Rosa has been training, performing, and teaching with Army of Sass across Canada. The AOS heels body of work continues to be the foundation of her teaching today.

While training with Army of Sass Toronto, Rosa was able to learn from incredible local choreographers and dancers like Hollywood Jade, Allison Bradley, Lineen Doung, Meghan Norah, Courtney Odelein, Kiana Smith, Leon Blackwood, Chris Clark, Kaela Falloon, Lauren Lynn, George Absi and more.Rosa attributes her success as a dancer to the local talent that continues to inspire her today. 

Rosa's versicle training background and passion for dance are clearly demonstrated in her classes.

Want to learn more about Rosa? Follow her @rosacampagna on Instagram.

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